What Causes Car Dents and Scratches?

What Causes Car Dents and Scratches?

Since you take great pride in your car, you spend a lot of time taking care of it. You wash it, wax it, and notice anything even slightly out of place. One day when you looked at your car, you noticed a scratch or dent there that you’d never seen before.

Spotting a new dent or scratch on your vehicle can be nerve-wracking. You may not even know what could have caused it. All you know is that you want it gone.

You also realise that with how much time you spend taking care of your car and driving carefully, there shouldn’t be anything wrong with it. How could this have happened? Take a moment to consider some of the most common causes of such issues. 

Understanding Where Car Dents and Scratches Come From

Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do to prevent many of the dents and scratches your car takes. You didn’t cause them, and there probably isn’t a lot you could have done to avoid them either. Once you understand the cause of these dents and scratches, you’ll keep a closer eye on some of the things you do everyday, and hopefully give your car a fighting chance of avoiding dings in the future.

Car Doors

When you’re parking near another car, you’ll want to ensure that you give them enough room, so they don’t accidentally ding your car with their door. Unfortunately, this is one of the most common causes of dings and scratches. People may not even realise that they’ve damaged your car, so they’ll leave before you have time to discover that new dent.

Shopping Trolleys

Although a shopping trolley looks harmless enough, when left unattended, it can roll away and into your bumper, fender, or door. A trolley may even gain enough momentum to cause a dent. Unfortunately, most people don’t care where they leave their trolley when they’re finished with it, so you must take steps to protect your vehicle. Park away from high congestion areas at the market and avoid areas where trolleys may be oft-abandoned. 

Daily Activities

When you leave your car outside, you don’t know what may happen to it. Children will frequently play outdoors without parental supervision. Their activities are notorious for sending a flying ball or toy through the air and causing a dent or scratch to your vehicle. If you regularly park your vehicle outside, consider purchasing a padded cover to protect your investment.


Hail and debris is another culprit here, especially if you don’t know that a storm is coming. A strong wind can easily bend a tree or pick up an outdoor item and slam it into your car. Although you can try to stay up-to-date with the weather, you may not have anywhere nearby to move your car. Unfortunately, Mother Nature doesn’t always play nice, and your car may acquire several dents before she’s done with her fury.

Falling Objects

There are a wide array of falling objects that may land on your car, causing a dent there. For instance, if you park your vehicle under a tree, a small branch or an acorn can fall with enough force to cause a dent. 

Even if you’re careful not to park under a tree, there may come a time when you don’t have a choice but to park next to a high-rise building. Unfortunately, you never know what object may fall with enough force to cause a dent.

Automatic Car Washes

Whether you don’t have a choice but to take your car through a car wash or you simply find this more accessible, you should know that your car is potentially likely to get scratched. These scratches occur because the car wash’s brushes accumulate dirt that becomes clogged in their bristles. You can think of it like sandpaper rubbing against your car’s paint.

Unfortunately, a car wash may not only affect your paint, but it can also cause dents to other parts of your vehicle. Even a touchless car wash can cause damage. Their high-pressure streams of water can push dirt into your car’s paint which then results in deeper scratches.

Rocks and Road Debris

Rocks and road debris will frequently result in your car’s paint being chipped. These chips occur when rocks, pebbles, or stones are launched into the air by another vehicle. When this happens, they may hit and damage your vehicle. Unfortunately, you can’t do much to prevent this.

Another problem you may encounter while driving is road debris (e.g., a stick, loose tyre tread). When you hit one of these items, you may have a scratch on your car. The best way to avoid these scratches is to pay close attention when driving, but they’re sometimes unavoidable even then.

Taking Care of Dents and Scratches

The only safe and reliable solution for dent repair is to take your car to a professional. The technicians at Caversham Coachworks have the skills and tools to get your vehicle looking new again, whether you’re dealing with a minor or a serious dent. We offer exceptional service and use the most modern, safe techniques to repair your vehicle.
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