Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that you will have many questions about your vehicle and the progress of its repair with us. You may also have questions about replacement vehicles. Below we answer some of the more frequently asked questions however if you have a more specific enquiry please contact us.

  • Can Caversham Coachworks repair vehicles for any insurance company?

    Yes, we can. It is your vehicle and therefore your choice where you choose to get it repaired. We are approved by 90% of all UK motor insurance companies, but if we are not approved for your insurance company, we can still repair your vehicle, collect, deliver and provide a replacement vehicle if applicable.

  • What happens if the insurance company do not approve all items of repair?

    We are only able to undertake the work approved by the insurance company’s engineer and other repairs would be subject to a private quote. It is very important to ensure that all related damage is reported to our vehicle assessor when the estimate is being done.

  • Do you guarantee work undertaken to my vehicle?

    Yes, we do. If the repairs are being paid for by an insurance company the terms of the guarantee will be set by them. If you are paying for the repairs yourself then please ask us about the guarantee terms when you book the vehicle in.

  • Will you use genuine parts when you repair my vehicle?

    Yes, as a rule. We only fit genuine Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT and Skoda parts. Rigorous vehicle tests have demonstrated that using the correct genuine parts minimises the damage sustained during a collision and therefore significantly reduces repair costs.

    However we can access and fit quality non-genuine parts for you if you are looking to keep repair costs down.

  • Why can delays arise during repairs?

    There are normally 3 reasons that delays occur.

    1. Repairs can not be started until full authority is received from the insurance company. In some cases we are asked by the insurance company engineer to strip or wheel align the vehicle and then report back prior to further repairs being undertaken.
    2. Parts can be subject to delays or backorder beyond our control.
    3. During repairs additional parts may be identified beyond the original assessment.

    In all cases we will keep you informed of the situation, so you know what is happening with your vehicle.

  • Will Brexit or the Covid-19 pandemic affect my repair?

    There have been significant issues with the supply of replacement parts throughout the motor trade caused both by Britain’s departure from the EU and the challenges of Covid-19. In some cases, this has led to the delay in parts being supplied to us and unfortunately there is a knock on effect meaning a repair could also be delayed.

    Should this be the case we will keep you fully informed, so you know what is happening with your vehicle and the timescale involved.

  • What do I need to do before I bring my vehicle in for repair?

    Try and clean your vehicle before it comes to us so that our assessor can easily see all of the damage that is to be estimated and repaired. Remove as many personal belongings as possible as we cannot accept liability for missing items. Please ensure that your locking wheel nut is available – if applicable. Please remove any dash cams. 

    If you are having a replacement vehicle please bring your driving licence.

  • Will my vehicle be collected/delivered on a recovery truck?

    Not in every case. Our recovery truck is reserved for vehicles which cannot be driven on the road. Your vehicle can be booked in sooner if we are permitted to drive it to and from your address. You must let us know in advance if your vehicle is not roadworthy.

  • What payments am I responsible for before my car is returned?

    If applicable you will be responsible for paying the excess and VAT (if you are registered or drive a company vehicle) on insurance claims. If you feel your excess should be waived, we will need confirmation in writing from your insurance company before your vehicle is collected. 

    You will also need to pay for any damage to the replacement vehicle (if applicable), any additional private work you have requested and any costs incurred under the Road Traffic Act (e.g. speeding fines etc).

  • Can I choose when I have my car delivered?

    We give customers the option of a morning (8am-1pm) or afternoon delivery (1pm-4.30pm). Very occasionally we will need to alter arrangements dependent on road traffic conditions.

  • Will I get a like for like vehicle while mine is being repaired?

    No, insurance companies normally stipulate the provision of a group A vehicle only. Some policies may provide for a different class of vehicle, if you feel this is the case you should check with your insurance provider.

  • What if the accident was not my fault?

    If you feel that the damage to your vehicle wasn’t your fault you can pursue our Non-fault scheme and explore which class of replacement vehicle you could be entitled to.

  • Can I have a replacement vehicle if I am only insured third party or if I’m not making an insurance claim?

    You can drive our replacement vehicles on our company insurance provided you are over 25 years of age. Our company policy carries an excess of £750.

  • What happens if my replacement vehicle breaks down?

    All vehicles are less than 2 years old and will carry manufacturers helpline numbers. If you cannot get help for any reason call our customer service department during office hours. You can usually use your own breakdown cover while your vehicle is in for repair.

  • What fuel do I use in my replacement vehicle and is a refund available for unused fuel?

    Most replacement vehicles use unleaded petrol. We do not give refunds for unused fuel. The petrol cap will have details of fuel type clearly marked on it. All fuelling mistakes (e.g. adding diesel to an unleaded car) must be rectified at your own expense.

  • Who is responsible for any damage to replacement vehicles?

    While in your care the replacement vehicle is your responsibility, and it is usually your insurance company who will insure it. You must arrange this with your insurance company in advance. If the replacement vehicle is damaged while in your care you will either have to pay for the repairs or the excess (if making a claim). You are responsible for windscreen, alloy wheel and tyre damage while the vehicle is in your care.

  • Can I use the replacement vehicle for holidays, courses or extended travel?

    No, unless it is agreed at the outset that the duration of repairs to your own vehicle would be for a period beyond your expected return date. Be aware that none of our replacement vehicles are permitted to leave the UK.

    If the answer to your question isn’t here, give us a call where our friendly reception team will be happy to help.
    Reading 0118 9474002
    Abingdon 01235 521474

If the answer to your question isn’t here, give us a call where our friendly reception team will be happy to help.

Reading 0118 947 4002
Abingdon 01235 521 474

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