dent repair

Dent Repair Myths You Need To Stop Believing

Accidents happen, and dents are inevitable throughout the lifespan of your vehicle. Whether your car gets hit by a shopping…

28 July 2022

car repairs

Car Repairs You Shouldn’t Try to DIY

Car repairs can be inconvenient and costly, so it’s understandable when you run into car problems and want to fix…

18 July 2022

car’s value

Maintaining Your Car’s Value: A Guide

Purchasing a vehicle is a huge investment, so it only makes sense that you want to keep that investment looking…

8 July 2022

cars get dented

Understanding How Cars Get Dented

Have you ever come out of the grocery store only to find a new dent? Maybe you’ve been reversing out…

28 June 2022

paintless dent repair

Save Money with Paintless Dent Repair

Car repairs are never cheap, and fixing a car is just part of owning one. Dents and dings can not…

18 June 2022

fix the dents

I Am Selling My Car-Should I Fix the Dents?

Ready to sell your car? Regardless of whether you are trading it in at a dealership or selling it yourself,…

8 June 2022

Paintless Dent Repair: The Environment-Friendly Dent Removal Method

With the Earth needing our help now more than ever, finding ways to provide services in a less destructive and…

30 May 2022

minor car dents

Minor Car Dents and Why You Should Fix Them

Getting a car dent, even a small one, can be stressful and lower the value of your vehicle. Many times,…

20 May 2022

dent puller

DIY Dent Removal: Are Dent Pullers Effective?

Getting an unexpected dent or ding can be a considerable inconvenience and one you may try to remedy with an…

10 May 2022

car dents

What Happens If You Don’t Fix Car Dents Immediately?

No matter how careful you are, dents can happen to even the most fastidious drivers. Grocery store mishaps, children playing…

30 April 2022

paintless dent repair

Things to Know About Paintless Dent Repair

Although paintless dent repair is becoming a more common trend in automotive repair, there are still people who are not…

20 April 2022

auto body repair

Different Types of Auto Body Repair Explained

An automobile is a pricey investment so you’ll always want to make sure that it is in the best condition.…

10 April 2022

dents can be fixed

What Dents Can Be Fixed With Paintless Dent Repair?

You just noticed a dent in your vehicle, and all you can think of is how much it will cost…

30 March 2022

paintless dent repair2

Does Paintless Dent Repair Work on Hail Damage?

After a hailstorm, your vehicle’s roof, hood, trunk, or side panels may end up with hundreds, if not thousands, of…

20 March 2022

Car Maintenance 101: # Tips to Maintain Your Car

Whether you just bought your first vehicle or you’ve been driving for years, learning to maintain your car is an…

10 March 2022

How Much Does Paintless Dent Repair Cost?

You can’t predict when you will get a dent in your car, but you can make sure you aren’t paying…

28 February 2022

What You Need to Know When Choosing a Paintless Dent Repair Company

Have you just come out of the grocer’s only to find a new dent that wasn’t there an hour ago?…

20 February 2022

What Should I Look for in an Auto Repair Shop?

From a routine door ding to resolving a more major problem, choosing the right auto repair shop can be a…

10 February 2022

8 Common Repairs After a Car Accident

Car accidents are very common, and the truth is that most accidents occur due to human error — nobody’s perfect.…

30 January 2022

What Should I Check After an Auto Repair?

When you take your car into the shop for repairs, you expect the repairs will be completed correctly the first…

20 January 2022

Can Dents Affect My Car’s Resale Value?

Car dings and dents can happen to even the safest of drivers. From the market lot to long drives in…

10 January 2022

How to Keep Your Car Dent and Scratch-Free

While we would all like to keep our cars pristine from the moment we buy them until they drive their…

30 December 2021

Debunked: The Biggest Myths About Paintless Dent Repair

The internet is a vast place full of information and just as much misinformation. Sometimes it’s hard to know what…

20 December 2021

What are the Most Common Vehicle Services and Repairs?

There are a million different things that could go wrong with your vehicle. Some of these things could be nothing…

17 December 2021

Choosing a Repair Shop For Your Audi – A Guide

Taking care of your Audi doesn’t only mean grooming the interiors and exteriors, but it also requires maintaining the vehicle’s…

30 November 2021

Why Should You Opt for Paintless Dent Repair Instead of Traditional Dent Repair

Being a car owner brings a lot of enjoyment and convenience, but occasionally it can also become a source of…

20 November 2021

Should You Fix Car Dents Right Away?

Should You Fix Car Dents Right Away?

A typical scenario: you go grocery shopping, a wayward shopping trolley hits the side of your car leaving a dent.…

10 November 2021

Different Types of Car Dents Explained

Different Types of Car Dents Explained

Try as we all may, accidents happen even to the most careful of us. Whether it’s an act of nature,…

30 October 2021

How to Choose a Repair Shop for Your Car

How to Choose a Repair Shop for Your Car

Are you having trouble with your car, but you’re afraid to take it to a repair shop because you’re worried…

20 October 2021

What to Know About Paintless Dent Repair

What to Know About Paintless Dent Repair

Car dents don’t have to be a time-consuming, complex, or expensive procedure. Suppose you want to save time and money…

10 October 2021

What Causes Car Dents and Scratches?

What Causes Car Dents and Scratches?

Since you take great pride in your car, you spend a lot of time taking care of it. You wash…

30 September 2021

The Dangers of DIY Dent Repair

The Dangers of DIY Dent Repair

Plungers, hairdryers, and cheap dent remover kits — you’ll find plenty of DIY dent removal methods with a quick online…

20 September 2021

Car crash

Crash: sudden unexpected collisions are always shocking but don’t let the repair process stress you out when the accident wasn’t your fault

27 April 2021

White car

Why being a VW Group Approved Repair Centre helps every Caversham Coachworks customer

17 April 2021