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The Hidden Risks of Delaying Collision Repairs: What You Need to Know

It’s not uncommon to want to delay repairs after a collision, especially when the damage feels minor or isn’t affecting your car in its day-to-day use. People can hesitate to fix collision repairs immediately for various reasons, such as not caring what their car looks like, being too busy, not having insurance, not being able to afford any fixes at the time, or just ignoring the damage completely. Regardless of the reason, risks are involved when you fail to repair collision damage promptly.

Postponing repairs can cause more difficulties in the long run and some immediate issues. This article examines common issues when you avoid fixing collision repairs.

Why You Should Avoid Delaying to Fix Collision Damage

Regardless of why you avoid repairing collision damage right away, there are a few immediate and long-term problems that can lead to more headaches in the long run. We’ve gone over some of the most pressing issues and why you should have your car fixed sooner rather than later.

Immediate Risks


One of the most pressing issues when delaying repairs is compromising the safety of your vehicle. Any broken or damaged safety features can have significant repercussions. For example, a damaged bumper can seem like a minor issue, but it can also have underlying damage to safety systems that are put in place to protect you in an accident. If you ignore these issues, you’re putting yourself in danger if you’re in a future accident.

Further Damages

Minor problems can quickly become more significant if you do not take care of damages immediately. Hidden damages, like misalignment, can cause your tyres to wear unevenly, impact your car’s suspension, and cause even worse problems that can cost much more to repair.

The impact on your car might also cause small cracks or openings that may allow water or debris into your car’s internal components, which can cause rust or other damage over time. This can be a costly repair that would have been avoided if fixed immediately.

Longer Repairs

If you think you are too busy to complete repairs immediately, you’ll want to rethink this, as problems can worsen over time. This means it can take even more time to complete repairs, leaving you without a car even longer than if you had taken care of the repairs ahead of time. The sooner you take your vehicle in for repairs, the easier they will be and the sooner you can get it back in complete restoration. 

Nonoptimal Performance 

After an accident, you may think your car is in decent shape but then end up with more damage than you anticipated. Not tending to collision repairs as soon as possible can cause noticeable changes in your car’s performance.

Something as small as a tyre pressure change can impact fuel efficiency. Worn, improperly inflated, or damaged tyres can also make controlling your vehicle more difficult. 

Long-Term Issues

Rust and Corrosion

If the accident caused any metal to be exposed on your vehicle’s exterior, it is much more prone to rust and corrosion. These issues can quickly deteriorate your vehicle’s structural integrity and make your car unsafe to operate.

Corrosion is especially sneaky because it can spread inside your vehicle’s interior and throughout the framework, causing more substantial repairs later. It can even make your car considered a complete loss.

Decrease in Resale Value

Are you planning on selling your vehicle in the near future? Any visible damage or history of delayed repairs will significantly impact its resale value compared to a car that has been maintained well.

Prospective buyers or trade-in evaluators will offer less for your vehicle when trying to sell due to the hidden issues or possible cost of repairs in the future. If you want to increase your vehicle’s resale value, you want to quickly fix problems and correct any issues with your car’s appearance.

More Expensive Over Time

Over time, any damages caused by an initial accident can worsen, leading to higher repair costs. Something that was once a small issue can lead to bigger issues, that might have an effect on the function of your car and become a much pricier fix. 

Insurance Problems

Insurance companies typically have time limits for filing claims after an accident. Delaying repairs can make the claims process much more complicated.

It can lead to potential disputes over what damage was caused by the collision and what damage was caused by the delay. Your insurance might refuse to cover some or all of the repair costs, making the financial cost a burden to carry on your own.

Reliable Collision Repair At Caversham Coachworks

Don’t delay getting collision repairs fixed. You may feel that it is daunting or that you don’t have the time for it, but save yourself the hassle and headache later by getting collision repairs completed right away.

If you are looking for professional and efficient repair services, Caversham Coachworks takes care of everything from insurance, crash, and car body repairs to dent and scratch repairs, among other services. As the leading independent vehicle repair centre in Berkshire and Central Oxfordshire, we promise to offer exceptional service and quality work. 

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