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Do I Have to Claim for Car Damage Through My Insurance Company?

If you’ve been involved in a fender bender, you may ask yourself, “Do I have to file a claim with my insurance company?” The short answer is no.

You do not have to file a claim through your insurance company. However, even if you do not want to make a claim on your policy after the accident, you can still contact your insurance provider and advise them of the accident for “notification purposes only”. 

Although you are not required to file a claim, there are reasons why you may want to contact your insurance provider. This article will discuss some things you need to know if you’ve been involved in an automobile accident.

After an Accident

When you’ve been in an accident, it is recommended to:

  • Avoid admitting at the scene that the accident was your fault.
  • Exchange names, phone numbers, and other details with other drivers involved and collect any details from witnesses; if anyone refuses to give any details, you may be able to trace them through their vehicle registration number.
  • If you choose to do so, tell your insurer about the accident immediately, even if you are not making a claim; you can note that this is for “information purposes only.” 
  • If someone in the accident is injured, show your insurance certificate to the police or take the documents to the police station within a week.
  • Take thorough photographs that you can use as evidence later if you do decide to make a claim.

Comprehensive Insurance

With a comprehensive policy, you may lose your no-claims bonus if you decide to claim from your own insurer, and they can’t recover the money from the other driver’s insurance. You may still claim from the other party’s insurer for any injuries or losses that were not covered in your own policy.

Claiming from the other driver’s insurance can cover things like alternative transport, loss of earnings, personal injuries, and any excess on your policy. Be sure to keep all evidence of your losses, and if you need a replacement vehicle, it should be similar to your own vehicle.

To make a claim, you’ll want to get a form from your insurer or the other driver’s insurance and give details of the accident along with the policy number of the other driver. Your insurance will need to know about any witnesses and receive their statements. You’ll want to keep copies of all your documents and insurance paperwork.

Third-Party Insurance

If you make a claim against the other driver, the insurer will determine who is the responsible party in the accident. If they deem you the responsible party, you will have to pay for all the repairs on your vehicle.

When making a claim from the other driver, write what claim you want from them and let your insurer know that you have taken this route. The other driver should report the accident to their own insurer, and you can find out if they have insurance by getting in contact with the Motor Insurance Database.

Non-Fault Accidents and Claims

Non-fault claims are made when you are not to blame in an accident. An insurer will be able to recover the total cost of your claim from the person at fault.

You must declare any accidents you’re involved in, even if it is not your fault, as soon as possible or at least within 24 hours. Evidence is crucial for a non-fault accident to prove that the other driver was responsible for your accident. When an accident isn’t your fault, you may be able to seek the experience of a motor repair shop that has experience dealing with insurance companies and can negotiate for you.

Car Insurance Repairs in the UK

Car accidents are always a huge inconvenience and can be extremely stressful to navigate through afterwards. When an accident is not your fault, the other driver’s insurance should be able to resolve all of your repair costs, but it can be a daunting process to go through. Having experienced car repair professionals on your side to deal with insurance companies can ease the stress of having to negotiate claims. 

At Caversham Coachworks, we take care of everything from insurance, crash, and car body repairs to dent and scratch repairs and many other services. We have plenty of experience negotiating with insurance claims and want to get you back on the road in your own car as soon as possible.

We offer replacement cars while your car is in the process of being repaired by our professionals. We’ll take care of the daunting paperwork, deliver your repaired vehicle to your door, and ensure that your premiums and no-claims bonus are unaffected. We are dedicated to making your repair experience easy and convenient.

If you have recently been in an accident and are looking for repairs, contact us today to speak with one of our experts or use our free and easy estimator tool.

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