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You’re assured of a warm welcome at Caversham Coachworks state-of-the-art centres in Caversham & Abingdon

From the moment you first contact Caversham Coachworks you’ll have a welcoming, friendly experience. This extends to both our front of house and behind the scenes facilities where we continuously invest in state-of-the-art equipment.

As a Volkswagen Group Specialist Paint and Body Centre, we believe that safety is a priority for you and your vehicle. Our commitment to top of the range technology and training means your vehicle will be returned to you in factory fresh condition.


If you’re driving your vehicle to our Caversham centre just park anywhere on the forecourt and come into our welcoming reception to be met by our friendly team.

Caversham is our original home and became one of the early Volkswagen Group Approved Paint and Body Centre’s when the programme launched. The site boasts sophisticated diagnostic and alignment equipment and a highly experienced technical team.


Caversham Coachworks Abingdon centre opened in 2016 and boasts the same understanding welcome and commitment to quality you’d receive in Caversham.

We have invested considerably in the Abingdon centre meaning your vehicle will receive repairs from highly trained technicians with an intrinsic understanding of traditional, modern, hybrid and EV vehicles using state-of-the-art equipment.

Facilities Features

  • Hunter Wheel Aligner

    Our state-of-the-art Hunter HawkEye Elite TD is a cutting edge laser recalibration tool that will detect wheel alignment issues in under 5 minutes. We offer a pre-alignment health check on your wheels and tyres, bearings and tyre pressures and then, by accurately measuring up to 14 primary wheel angles, the HawkEye Elite can compare them with the original specifications from your manufacturer. If any of them are out of tolerance, our specially Hunter trained technicians will adjust your vehicle’s suspension or make recommendations to improve the safety and handling of your vehicle. A post alignment print out is issued for you to keep with your car service documentation.

    We recommend a four-wheel alignment service once a year or every 12,000 – 15,000 miles unless you have sustained some damage to the wheels within that time.

  • Chassis Jig

    The Tri-Sphere Global Jig Rotax system is the No. 1 pulling system for heavy vehicle repairs and is renowned for being one of the strongest pulling units for the vehicle repair market. In the unlikely event that your chassis has been compromised, Global Jig will pull it back into shape.

  • Miracle Pull

    Using the Miracle Pull system, our highly experienced panel technicians can pull out dents with the minimum of labour and expense whilst achieving excellent results and reducing the need for filler.

  • Mixing Rooms & Spray Booths

    We only use top branded, water-based paints Spies Hecker and Sikkens to paint our vehicles. Every vehicle has its own specific paint code which is typed into one of our electronic mixing systems. The exact composition (to the nearest microgram) of different tints and basecoats is then calculated for your vehicle’s colour. After painting, vehicles are baked in one of our two state-of-the-art Burntwood ovens. We have a regular and a Hi-Top oven so that we can accommodate all cars and LCVs.

  • Diagnostic Equipment

    We use Volkswagen’s highly sophisticated VAS6150 diagnostic and ODIS system for pre-and post-repair diagnostic checks for all Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT and ŠKODA vehicles.

    For all other non-Volkswagen Group vehicles we use the equally sophisticated Audatex diagnostic tool.

  • Calibrated Tools

    All ‘measuring tools’ are calibrated every 6 months to ensure that they are ‘fit for purpose’ by Automotive Calibration who are ISO registered. They provide a quality on-site calibration, repair and testing service for the automotive industry ensuring that all torque wrenches, gauges and verniers are of the highest operating standard.

  • Air-Conditioning

    CCW boasts two air-conditioning units, the FRAL FAST 200 and the TEXA which can accommodate the two gases R134a and R1234yf found in air conditioning systems. 

    All our equipment is fully maintained annually and our MET technicians hold City and Guilds qualifications in ‘Refrigerant Handling’.

  • ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) Calibration

    Nearly all modern vehicles are fitted with multiple ADAS, these are intelligent systems that automatically help drivers on the road such as lane departure warnings, automatic headlights, rear parking camera and autonomous emergency braking. Even wing mirrors have smart technology in many modern cars. So when your car or van comes in for repair it’s important that all these systems are correctly calibrated to work at their optimum once you’re back on the road. 

    Every vehicle fitted with ADAS that we fix is calibrated using state-of-the-art technology so it works as the manufacturer intended before leaving our workshop, giving you the safety and driving experience you expect.

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