DIY Paint Job

DIY Paint Job? Think Again!

Your car’s overall aesthetic heavily relies on its paint job. As time passes, you may notice your paint job start to fade, chip, or peel, leaving a worn-out look that is visually unappealing. Getting a new paint job is a great way to revitalise your car’s appearance. 

The factory paint job on your car offers more than just looking good. It helps your car’s longevity overall. The primer, paint, and sealant all work together to protect your car from debris, snow, rain, salt, and other substances. If you start to see the paint crack or peel, it becomes a risk of rust that can lead to other structural damages to your car.

The Internet has plenty of information on how to do things yourself. Some things, like how to replace a headlight bulb or change your oil, can be easily learned on your own, but when it comes to dent repairs or auto painting, you should leave it to the experts.

While it may be tempting to paint your car yourself, an auto body paint job requires specialised skills, tools, and knowledge only offered by a professional. We’ve gathered some of the most important reasons to avoid a DIY home paint job and take your car to a professional.

Why You Should Hire a Professional for Auto Body Painting

Professional Expertise

When you hire a professional, you’re more likely to have a flawless paint job than if you did it yourself. Expert auto body technicians have the knowledge, experience, and proper tools to provide high-quality work to ensure your car will look brand new again.

First, there are many steps involved in paint jobs. Skipping any of these steps can be problematic.

Second, only a professional can ensure that the paint matches perfectly to your car’s original colour. It takes knowledge and expertise to work with auto paint, and matching paint can prove quite difficult. When you choose to take your car to an expert, you can avoid a lot of trial and error.

Finally, in addition to the paint job itself, an auto body professional can inspect the vehicle prior to painting it to look for repairs. They can then make any necessary repairs to your car prior to applying paint.

Cost Effective

You might think taking your car to an auto body shop for paint repairs is more expensive, but it is often the less expensive route. When painting a car yourself, you could run into issues you could not foresee and make costly mistakes. These mistakes can lead to more significant damages, meaning you’ll end up paying more to fix them.

In some cases, those mistakes might even be irreversible, requiring you to buy a new car. When you hire a professional, you can save time and money and get a paint job that is completed correctly the first time.

Saves More Time

Many people don’t realise how long it takes to paint a car. Repainting can take a lot of time.

Even if you think you are great at painting, the task itself can be long, and if you make any mistakes, you’re likely to spend even more time than necessary on repairs. Hiring a professional means the job will be done faster, allowing you to spend your time on other things.

Professional Equipment

Professional auto painters have access to more advanced painting tools and have learned the proper techniques for successfully repairing damaged paint. They will have specialised tools for the job, especially when the car requires custom paintwork or other designs. For example, a professional auto body painter has specific spray guns that are made for auto body painting and give the most professional results.

Warranty Guarantee

One of the best things about getting your car painted by a professional is the fact that they guarantee their work. Most auto body repair shops take pride in their work, so if you run into any issues after the job is completed, they may be willing to fix them at no charge or at a lower price.

Professional Auto Body Painting With Caversham Coachworks

Repainting your car requires a major investment of time, skills, and tools. When you leave the job to the professionals, you can save yourself from a headache and have peace of mind knowing you’ll get results that will last. 

If you want your car to look brand new with a stellar paint job, we have your back. Caversham Coachworks handles everything from insurance, crash, and car body repairs to dent and scratch repairs. As the leading independent vehicle repair centre in Berkshire and Central Oxfordshire, we promise exceptional service and quality work. 

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