What are the Most Common Vehicle Services and Repairs?

There are a million different things that could go wrong with your vehicle. Some of these things could be nothing more than a minor inconvenience, but sometimes they can cause much more severe problems. You want to make sure you are getting the most of your vehicle and its routine maintenance to ensure you and your family are safe on the road. 

You might be someone who knows when there is a problem with the vehicle the moment it starts to act out of the ordinary, but perhaps you don’t have the time or specialised knowledge to make repairs yourself. Maybe you’re not mechanically inclined, and you could benefit from a little foreknowledge to keep an eye out for future problems. Either way, we have you covered.

In this article, we will give you 10 of the most common vehicle repairs and services to bear in mind to keep your vehicles in tip-top shape.

Top 10 Most Common Vehicle Repairs

#1. Engine Oil and Filter Change

Engine oil is what lubricates your vehicle’s engine. It helps ensure that it runs smoothly to operate at its peak performance. You will have to change the oil in your car regularly so that the engine can stay lubricated. It is best to have an oil and filter change service carried out at the same time and do so regularly, although the frequency depends on the year, make, and model of your vehicle. 

Newer engines use synthetic oil, and can go far longer between oil changes (up to 10.000 km) than older models which use traditional motor oil (and need changes every 4.800 – 8.000 km). While you can change your own oil, it is a labourious process and most people prefer to take it into the shop for speed and easy recycling of their used oil.

#2. Tyre Replacement

It’s easy to forget about your car tyres when they’re not at the height of their useful life. You should replace them every time it becomes necessary — when the tread starts to wear below the legal limit of 1.6mm — because otherwise, you run a risk of blowouts or having an accident due to poor traction. 

#3. Windscreen Wiper Replacement

When it’s pouring down rain or snowing outside, the windscreen wipers are supposed to assist you to see clearly. You should inspect them regularly to verify that they are still in good functioning order and make sure you replace them at least once a year. 

If they get too damaged or ripped, inclement weather or a filthy windscreen can make it nearly impossible to see where you’re going. Worse yet, if your insurance company can prove that your vision was obstructed due to neglected vehicle maintenance, they may assign partial fault to you as a result. 

#4. Brake Replacement

One of the essential parts of your vehicle are the brake discs and pads. Brakes are essential to being able to quickly and safely control your vehicle’s deceleration and handling. At every inspection of your car, there should also be an inspection of the brake pads and discs. Your car’s mechanic can determine if it’s time for replacement with a simple inspection. Typically, brakes last somewhere between 50.000 and 70.000 km, but can last longer or shorter depending on how hard you drive and if you tend to ride the brakes.

#5. Fuel Filter Replacement

Fuel filters ensure that the fuel you put in your vehicle is as clean as it can be. Your car’s engine will perform poorly and potentially stop working altogether if you neglect to change your fuel filter regularly. If you want your vehicle to function smoothly and endure a long time, you should get the gasoline filter replaced regularly, typically every 48.000 km.

#6. Spark Plugs Replacement

Spark plugs are responsible for igniting the air-fuel mixture inside your car’s engine, and they are not just there to look pretty. If they are not working correctly, then they could cause damage to other parts of your car while they try to ignite the mixture but fail repeatedly. The best time to replace your spark plugs is every 48.000 km (it may be a good idea to schedule spark plug replacement when you get your fuel filter changed for convenience’s sake.

#7. Battery Replacement

If there is one part of your car that you cannot live without, it is the battery. It helps start your vehicle and keep it running for as long as possible. Your battery will eventually degrade and need replacement, however, typically around the three-year mark.

#8. Ignition Wiring Repair

It might be one of the hardest things to replace or troubleshoot if you are not used to working on cars, but it can be essential. If your ignition wiring gets damaged, you will not be able to start your vehicle when you need it most. This is not considered normal wear-and-tear, like many of the other services we have mentioned above.

#9. Transmission Repair

Your car’s transmission is what makes it run smoothly and efficiently by changing gears at the right time and ensuring the moving parts inside your vehicle mate up properly in motion. Needless to say, the transmission is essential and needs to be maintained regularly. Regular maintenance can help keep the transmission working at its best, making your driving experience smoother and safer. If your transmission should fail, your car will be rendered inoperable, so transmission problems should never be ignored.

#10. Air Filter Replacement

The air filter in your automobile has two purposes: it cleans the air pushed into the vehicle, and effectively keeps dirt and other contaminants out of the engine. It is a procedure that you cannot complete on your own, and will need to be completed every 24.000 km on average.

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