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Why being a VW Group Approved Repair Centre helps every Caversham Coachworks customer

There are many good reasons why we are a Volkswagen Approved Accident Repair Centre, some of them are really selfish, for example they provide fantastic training for our technicians, but the benefits including the training filter down directly to our customers.

We think it’s a bit of a feather in our collective caps that Caversham Coachworks has been a VW Group approved repair centre since the scheme started, and that we are the only remaining garage in Reading that is still on the list.

Obviously, we can’t speak for VW or the garages that have lost their accreditation, but we know just how hard it is to retain our listing. VW quite rightly make us jump through a lot of hoops every year and the upshot is that every single one of our customers benefits, whether they have a VW or a different brand of vehicle.

Top 6 benefits for every Caversham Coachworks customer:
  1. Breadth of experience: Many customers don’t realise that VW Group is more than just the iconic Volkswagen, their other brands are Audi, ŠKODA and SEAT. It’s one of the reasons why ŠKODA and SEAT are such great vehicles now.
    What that means is that we have the training and equipment to repair multiple vehicle brands and to get them back on the road in outstanding condition.
  1. Training: our technicians undergo annual refresher courses at Volkswagen’s National Learning Centre in Milton Keynes where they are brought up to speed on the latest technical developments. In addition, all of our new engineers will go on a series of VW training course when they join us.
    During the pandemic our technicians have been engaging with the remote learning courses provided online by the Centre, meaning they are fully trained to deal with repairs to the latest Electronic and Hybrid vehicles.
  1. Skills for every vehicle: What all of this means for customers with different brands of vehicle is that we have a very broad range of understanding, knowledge and experience across a breadth of vehicles from entry level to high-end.
    As technology has moved on rapidly in the last few years our accreditation has allowed us to keep at the cutting edge, to understand how electronic systems work and how to reset them after you repair to factory standards. Not just for VW group vehicles but for every vehicle.
  1. Specialist Equipment: Our investment in equipment and specialist tools means we have the right tool for every job. Having the correct specialist equipment to keep up with new vehicle technology, alongside the training that goes with it means that our customers vehicles will always be treated correctly.
    There are no half measures, making do or bodging a job – let’s face it we’ve all been to garages where that happens – we respect our customers and their vehicles and want them to get back on the road with a vehicle repair we are proud of.
  1. Parts & Paint: This extends to the parts we use as well. Not just in the Volkswagen, Audi, ŠKODA and SEAT’s but for other makes too, we use factory approved parts and the exact shades of paint that made your vehicle special to begin with.
  1. Trust & Guarantee’s: One of the values that is important to us as a business, to VW Group and to our customers is trust, which is why we are always honest and realistic. Some repairs are complicated and difficult to fix, sometimes parts are delayed (especially during this Brexit transition period), and occasionally insurance companies delay the process. We keep customers informed at every stage of the process so if there are issues they know about it.
    Great customer service, integrity and honesty are important, it’s why we guarantee all of our work.
    For VW customers our 3-year Repair Authenticity Guarantee is your guarantee that we have used genuine Volkswagen parts and paint, specialist Volkswagen technicians and Volkswagen approved repair methods.


Hassle free car repair as standard

Having to get you vehicle repaired after a crash, a scrape or a dent is a pain, we know that. As a customer of a garage, you want to know that your vehicle will be well looked after, that it will be repaired to a high standard, that manufacturer approved parts will be used and that it will be returned to you looking great and fully functional. These are minimum standards, but as a Volkswagen Group Accident Approved Repair Centre we believe you deserve great customer service too. 

We’re proud of our VW Approved status but what it means for every one of our customers, no matter the brand of vehicle, is that they will receive the same high level of attention to detail, repair and service for hassle free car repair.

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