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Crash: sudden unexpected collisions are always shocking but don’t let the repair process stress you out when the accident wasn’t your fault

It’s a sickening feeling, the sound of metal being crushed, glass breaking, the lurch in your seat, sudden loss of control, the jolt of fear and worry. And all you were doing was travelling safely in your car, maybe sat at some lights or passing a junction. Sadly, it happens all the time, through no fault of your own another vehicle has driven into you. 

It’s sudden, unexpected and distressing. 

Whatever you call it crash, smash, bash, prang, collision or accident the end result is the same, your vehicle has suffered unexpected damage, and someone has to deal with it.  

After the initial shock, and hopefully neither you, your passengers or occupants of the other vehicle are injured, you make sure to do all the right things. You pull over, turn the car off, exchange details with the other driver. If you’re thinking straight you make some notes about what happened, maybe get details from witnesses and some photos of the location and damage. Naturally, you call your insurance company as soon as you can.

There’s a good chance that you’re quite shaken, even if you’re not in shock, you may be angry, after all, it’s out of the blue and it’s going to disrupt whatever you were doing that day and, potentially for some time to come.

Then all the questions start; how do I get the damage repaired? Do I need a tow? How long will I be without a vehicle for? How will I get where I’m going? What will the insurance company want to know? Where are my insurance documents? What’s their number? In the shock of the moment, it can be hard to remember exactly what to do.

In our experience most insurance companies are calm and reassuring in these situations, their call handlers are well trained and will do their best to help you and depending on your level of cover they’ll be able to make the most appropriate arrangements.

However, if the accident wasn’t your fault, you don’t even have to contact your insurance company and risk losing your no-claims bonus. 
Don’t forget it’s the other driver’s insurance that pays for your repairs.

Remember too that insurance companies lists of approved crash repair garages don’t necessarily include the one that’s right for your make and model. It’s not unusual for your insurance company to want your vehicle to be repaired at a garage in a faraway town, that can’t be guaranteed to use approved parts, give you a warranty, reset your electronics correctly or offer a replacement vehicle.

There are however a lot of garages that can help with non-fault accident repairs, such as Caversham Coachworks in Reading and Abingdon. Garages that have years of experience dealing with insurance companies and non-fault repairs.

What are the six major benefits of using a specialist non-fault repairer such as Caversham Coachworks?
  1. You’re getting tried and tested experience from a business that has been through the process thousands of times previously. Unlike you we’re not starting from scratch, we’re not having to worry about what the process is or who to contact while stressed and worried. 
  2. You won’t have to deal with either your own insurance company or the insurance company of the other driver. If you’ve ever had an accident you’ll know how stressful this is. We talk to them, arranging the repair, dealing with the paperwork and ensuring you are the number one priority, not their client.
  3. We can arrange a replacement vehicle for you on the spot from our own fleet so you can continue your journey.
  4. You can be guaranteed that only genuine approved parts will be used. No matter what the make or model you have the right for your vehicle to be fitted with parts that the manufacturer would use themselves. 
  5. You and your vehicle are the priority. All experienced crash repairers meet a lot of stressed and worried drivers, it’s our job to ease that stress not to add to it. So, we’ll keep you informed every step of the way being realistic about timescales for when your vehicle will be back on the road.
  6. Every garage should warranty their work. Not all of them do, including those your insurance company may send you to. Reputable experienced crash repair centres will always give you a guarantee for their work, if they’re like us at Caversham Coachworks they’re proud of what they do and want you to have a positive experience.

Even if it’s only a ding, a dent, a bump or a scrape if your vehicle is damaged by a third party remember you have the right to have it repaired by the garage of your choice. 

If it’s something more serious, such as a T-bone, tail-end or crumpled bonnet requiring major body works you need the best possible advice and reassurance that your vehicle is in exactly the right place, somewhere that will provide a guarantee and get you back on the road as swiftly as possible. 

You should use a garage that treats you with respect and understands what you’re going through, where dealing with stressed drivers and insurance companies is second nature.

Finally, don’t let insurance companies steer you to a garage you don’t want to go to. Always check their credentials and make sure to use a repair centre that treats you and your vehicle as its number one priority.

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