Common Types of Difficult Dents

Car dents happen even to the most careful driver. Whether it’s a wayward shopping trolley, a driver not paying attention, or an act of nature, dents and dings will most likely happen to you sometime during the life of your car. So while there may not be much you can do to stop dents, it can be in your best interest to be able to identify the kind you get so you know the best way to fix them.

Being able to identify different dents can save you time and money in the future. This article will go over the most difficult types of dents you could get as a car owner and how to fix them so your car keeps looking great for years to come.

Types of Difficult Dents

Not all dents are created equal. Some are more severe, some are in difficult locations on the car, and some require different repairs done by the specialists at paintless dent repair shops.

Most can be fixed with paintless dent repair (PDR), though some may need outside bodywork if the paint is chipped or cracked. Here are various types of dents and their difficulty when it comes to being fixed. 

Round Dents

One of the most common types of dents and one of the least difficult to fix, round dents are often caused by direct impact on the car. As the name implies, the dent is caused by a round object or piece of debris. They are the easiest to repair because of their round shape, though they can also look like a funnel with a point midway down or form a shallow pool.            

Hail damage can also be classified as round dents and is usually found on the vehicle’s bonnet, roof and boot lid. If the hail is particularly large or sharp, it can cause huge amounts of damage and become difficult to repair. 


Dings are the easiest and least challenging dent to fix. Dings are caused by a minor impact, with a general diameter of around half a centimetre.

With a ding, there is no paint chipping or metal exposure that can lead to rust. Common causes of dings can be anything from shopping trollies to tiny rocks kicked up from other cars on the road. These dents don’t cause too much trouble and can easily be fixed.

Creased Dents

Moving into the realm of more difficult dents to repair, creased dents happen when sharp or heavy objects, such as edges of metal doors, tree branches, or bike handlebars, are dragged along the side of your car. They come in many shapes and sizes, can warp the body of the vehicle and have been known to even stretch the metal out of place.

Depending on the severity, creased dents can cause more denting and points on the body of a vehicle. These can get worse over time if not repaired.

Sharp Dents

On the complex side, sharp dents are caused by colliding with a sharp object. These dents are often deeper and tighter than round dents, making them harder to repair, especially if they are in a difficult spot.

Often, these are due to car accidents, and the sharp dent is at the point of impact. Sharp dents usually have steep sides, leaving the rest of the panel primarily untouched.

Professional dent removal techniques are recommended for sharp dents due to how they sink into the car’s surface. Professional dent removal techniques are recommended for sharp dents due to how they sink into the surface of the car. 

Multi-Point Dents

Another type of difficult dent, multipoint dents, are, as their name suggests, dents with many points of impact. This can make it very hard to fix, and there is always a risk of paint damage.

They are typically the result of car accidents and tend to be more complex than the other types, but they are fixable with professional repair techniques such as paintless dent repair. Because they range in complexity and size, it is recommended to go to a PDR shop to get fixed, so the dents do not get any worse and cause more damage to the car.

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