Sustainability journey

We have always been mindful and aware of the impact our industry has on the environment.

From many years we have been supporting the sustainability push.

1991 – One of the 1st bodyshops in the UK to remove the use of 2-pack Isocyanate paints and replacing it with a water-based system.

Throughout the years we have supported mixed material recycling and partner with
specialist companies that help with the recycling as much waste as possible.


  • Waste Metals – recycled.
  • Plastics (bumpers, plastic body panels, trims, etc) – recycled.
  • Paper, cardboard – recycled.
  • Electrical equipment – recycled (WEEE policy adhered to).
  • Waste paint materials – recycled or disposed of in a regulated and ethical manner.

Recent changes

We have recently installed energy saving light bulbs throughout the business.

We have recently installed 2 x vehicle spraying ovens with ultra efficient gas fired burners.

We have recently invested in new environmentally friendly air-con system using the new R1234YF gas.

Hybrid Courtesy Cars

As of September 2023 we are taking receipt of our new Hybrid Courtesy Cars changing from petrol vehicles. This movement will continue as courtesy cars on the fleet are replaced. Objective is to have a full fleet of electric and hybrid courtesy vehicles by 2026.

PAS 2060 compliance

We have started our journey for PAS 2060 compliance. Decision was to get Abingdon accredited first and then Reading. Abingdon have achieved this now (attached the certificate) and Reading are looking to complete their application by December 2023. We have made the decision that Abingdon will off-set its carbon usage against:- Project Name: Talas de Maciel II Wind Farm

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