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What Happens If You Don’t Fix Car Dents Immediately?

No matter how careful you are, dents can happen to even the most fastidious drivers. Grocery store mishaps, children playing near the car, or even weather events can lead to many different kinds of dents. These dents can be an annoyance and an eyesore but are often not considered significant enough to repair at the time, so they get ignored as work or life gets the way.

You may also be worried that the cost is too far out of your price range. Regardless of your reasoning, dents can, unfortunately, become a bigger issue if left alone. That’s why more and more people are flocking to their nearest paintless dent repair shop to get the damage to their vehicle inspected.

So, what exactly can happen to your car if you don’t fix your dents quickly? This article will go over some of the possible scenarios that may occur if you choose to leave your car’s dents as is. Let’s go over what you can do to ensure your vehicle gets the dent repair it needs in the proper timeline, so no additional repairs are required.

Why You Should Repair Car Dent Sooner Than Later

The best approach to getting a dent is to fix it sooner than later. Here are the most important reasons to repair your car dents as quickly as possible.

Paint Damage

Dents can also cause paint damage if your car gets struck hard enough. The preferred situation is a small dent that an experienced technician can fix quickly and efficiently, but we aren’t always that lucky.

If your car gets a deep dent, you could be looking at damage to the paint, which could be much more costly to repair. Assess any dents you get and have them fixed as soon as possible to save time and money in the long run.

Rust Issues

Dents are notorious for causing unsightly brown rust spots and stains on your car, but what rust does to your paint job is the issue when it comes to real damage. When something dents your car, the crack can cause water to seep inside the dent, where the metal is unprotected. As the water sits, it will eventually oxidise, thus causing rust.

Fixing your dents before they can get bigger and eventually rust will save you hundreds if not thousands in repairs to your car’s paint job.  

Lowers Resale Value

Your car can run as smooth as the day you bought it, but if it is littered with dents, it will lower your resale value exponentially as aesthetics are an important factor when determining a car’s resale value.

Even if the dent is on the smaller side, overlooked dents and dings will undoubtedly lower your car’s value. Potential car buyers may be wary of buying a car with exterior damage. Seeing unrepaired external damage may make them believe the engine and other mechanical parts have also been neglected.

Fixing dents and dings increases your car’s value, and if the dents have not chipped or broken the paint, you can use a paintless dent repair shop and get it repaired quickly and for a more affordable price. 

Cheaper to Fix

The sooner you fix your car’s dents, the better. If you wait, the dent can worsen, making it harder to fix. Also, the more complicated the dent is to fix, the more expensive it will be. And if your car’s dents rust (as stated above), it will cost even more to fix. The damage can spread in coastal areas even faster due to the salt in the air, so weather and location can also factor in. 


While it may seem harmless and only cosmetic, dents can actually mask structural issues or damage that you can’t see on the surface of your car. 

Take, for example, a car’s bumper cover that has a plastic outer coating. These coatings are made to lessen the damage if you get into low-impact accidents. However, if your quarter panel gets damaged,  it can compromise your front and rear-end stability.

When you take your vehicle to a trained technician, they will inspect the damage and will be able to tell you if the seemingly harmless dent has caused any more severe damage.

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