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DIY Car Repair and Why It Is a Bad Idea

While saving money can be a key motivator to go the DIY route when it comes to car repairs, it can turn bad quickly and lead to further complications that require more work. Car repair requires technical skills and knowledge that can be hard to learn, especially if you are trying to do so from an online video or manual.

A simple install gone wrong can leave you with a malfunctioning car and no way to get around town. This article will go over the reasons DIY repairs on your car are not the best idea and how leaving it to the experts is the better choice.

Drawbacks of DIY Car Repair

Here are some of the issues that can arise when you decide to fix your car yourself. Not going with professional vehicle technicians, you risk the following.

Causing More Damage

Inexperience can lead to causing even more damage to your car when you are trying to repair it. If you are going the DIY route, you always need to make sure you have the skills and knowledge in the area you are working on. Damage will lead to paying even more to a vehicle technician when you eventually have to take it in to fix the original problem as well.

Voiding the Manufacturer Warranty

Depending on how new your car is, attempting to fix it yourself could void any manufacturer warranty resulting in you having to pay for repairs that would normally be covered under the warranty. Make sure to read your warranty closely and do not attempt repairs that could void any potential for free services.

Bad Results

While you may fancy yourself a DIY vehicle technician, you may find that the results of your repairs lack the finesse of someone who repairs cars as their profession. Professional vehicle technicians have years of hands-on experience and continuing education to ensure that they have the knowledge to properly repair vehicles. They also have access to the necessary tools and equipment to ensure that every repair is completed properly. 

Repairs You Shouldn’t Attempt At Home


Because it is such an essential part of your vehicle, replacing or fixing a radiator is something to be left to the professionals at your local repair shop. Simply watching someone replace one online will not show you how detailed the job is.

Also, the repair wrong can cause many expensive complications. An incorrectly repaired or installed radiator can lead to a blown engine which is very expensive.

Dent Repair

There are many DIY tips and tricks about getting dents out of your vehicle with hair dryers, dry ice, plungers, etc. It’s essential to know that many of those are old wives’ tales that actually can lead to more damage instead of removing the dent.

If you have a dent, the best idea is to go to a paintless dent repair shop. They will likely, be able to complete the repairs in a short amount of time for a reasonable price. 

Brake Repairs

Fixing your own brakes without proper equipment or experience can be extremely dangerous, even if it is just replacing the brake pads. Brake systems in today’s more modern vehicles can be quite complicated, which makes doing DIY repairs a bit more intricate and challenging. 


Due to the lifesaving aspect of airbags, DIY repairs are not recommended or encouraged. After the repairs, you cannot test your work or make sure they will deploy properly after you fix them. That leads to the risk of airbags failing to deploy or deploying when it’s not necessary and causing significant injury. 


One of the most complex parts of a car, the transmission, has many smaller parts that require much patience and skill to work with and diagnose. Even just replacing the transmission fluid can be an arduous and specialised procedure that a professional vehicle technician should do to avoid mistakes that could cost you thousands of dollars to repair. 

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