Car Maintenance 101: # Tips to Maintain Your Car

Whether you just bought your first vehicle or you’ve been driving for years, learning to maintain your car is an invaluable skill that will save you money and prolong the life of your investment. Preventative maintenance and care is the best way to go about doing just that. If you ignore the basics of car care, it can cost you thousands in the long (or short) term. The best way to keep your car happy is to practice smart car maintenance and care.

The guide below will teach you how to go about keeping your car running for as long as possible. You will learn the best practices and expert tips to maintain your car’s mechanical health and keep you on the road longer. These tips can stay with you from one car to the next with the hope of you becoming more self-sufficient and mechanically inclined toward your vehicle.

Tip #1: Read the Manual

Everything you need to know about your car is in the instruction manual. From what every warning light or sensor means to what type of oil the car takes, everything is detailed in the booklet. You’ll find important information like your car’s preferred tire pressure, what kind of petrol cap you need, how to troubleshoot a myriad of simpler problems, and much more. Your owner’s manual is a great help and can be a lifesaver on the road if you stall out or break down. Make sure to keep it in your jockey box for safekeeping and referencing.

Tip #2: Check and Change Oil Regularly

Regularly changing your oil is by far one of the most important ways you can keep your car properly maintained. Not only does fresh oil keep your car running smoothly, it can save you money by running efficiently and using less petrol as well. The old saying was to change your oil “every 3,000 miles or 3 months” but with today’s modern engine lubricants, it is recommended to change your oil every 5,000 to 7,500 miles. That doesn’t mean you should neglect your car. Make sure to check the oil once a month to make sure you aren’t burning through it too fast. 

Tip #3: Get Regular Tune-Ups

Keeping your car tuned up can also save you money and car problems in the future. Typical tune-ups should replace all your fluids, change your air and oil filters out, check your tire pressure, check belts and replace spark plugs. Make sure your mechanic is doing the most every tune-up to keep you having to go back to them too soon. Check your car manual for how often it is recommended for a tune-up, as it can vary from 10,000 miles to 50,000 miles on different makes and models. 

Tip #4: Check Your Air Filter

Getting a proper oil change or tune-up will include checking and changing your oil filter, so make sure wherever you go for these services is doing just that. Not changing out your air filters can cause clogging which can affect your car’s performance. You also will be breathing in unfiltered air if you use your vents and that could have debris and dust particles in it, which can aggravate allergies and asthma. 

Tip #5: Rotate Tires, Check Pressure

Your tires are a very key component to having your car drive efficiently and properly. Getting into the habit of checking your tires and the pressure will benefit you and keep your car driving smoothly for much longer. If you allow your car to drive on tires that haven’t been rotated it can cause irregular wear and tear on one or more tires which can cause those tires to need replacement more often or even cause your tires to pop much easier. 

Tire pressure also affects your wheel balance via your car’s alignment. Poor alignment can contribute to your tires wearing down faster as well. Make sure you are always filling your tires up property (via your manual) and changing out your tires before the tread gets too bare. 

Tip #6: Replace Windscreen Wipers

A dirty windscreen can not only be a nuisance while you drive, but it can be dangerous as well. Rain and other precipitation can cause visual impairment that, if you don’t have windscreen wipers that work well, can be very dangerous and cause you to get into an accident. Having a clear view of the road is incredibly important for safe driving. 

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