What Should I Check After an Auto Repair?

When you take your car into the shop for repairs, you expect the repairs will be completed correctly the first time around. Unfortunately, sometimes businesses aren’t as reputable as they make it seem, so it’s essential to inspect the work done before leaving the lot.

When you arrive to pick up your vehicle, a technician should walk around your car with you and point out the completed work and tell you why it was done. This is a great time to do your own inspection of the work and ask any questions you may have.

And while reputable shops will offer a warranty on their work, it’s important to address any repair discrepancies before leaving the facility. Here are some tips on what to look for when inspecting your car when picking it up from being repaired.

What You Should Do Prior to Repairs

When dropping your car off for repairs, it’s important to speak with the auto repair shop and make sure that you know what repairs they will be performing before the work even starts. Knowing the repairs that will be done will allow you to ensure, upon completion, that the technician actually did the work and completed it to your standards.

Make Sure the Vehicle is Clean

It’s easy to hide imperfections on a dirty vehicle. Typically, auto repair shops should wash and vacuum your vehicle before pickup. A clean car makes it easier to inspect the repairs. You should also ensure that the technicians haven’t left any tools or old parts in the interior, engine compartment, or trunk.

A clean vehicle portrays a professional shop and leads to less doubt about the shop’s work. When you are happy with the appearance of your vehicle, it’s time to start a more detailed inspection.

Check the Paint

One of the hardest parts of collision repairs is matching the paint to the rest of your car. Even when using factory paint codes, the fading that has taken place on your car will require the technician to add to the tint to make it match.

This part of the inspection will be easier if you pick your car up and inspect it in the sunlight during the day. First, examine the repairs close up, then step back and look to see if you see any inconsistencies. Make sure to check for imperfections that may be present due to hairs, dirt, or overspray.

Check the Airbags (if applicable)

If the accident caused your airbags to deploy, make sure that new airbags have been installed. Because if your repair shop is dishonest, they could charge the insurance for  new airbags but not install them. If you knock on the centre of your steering wheel and it sounds hollow, the airbag may be missing. Also, if you get in your vehicle and your airbag light turns on, you should have it checked.

Check Your Alignment

Before leaving the auto repair shop, take your car for a test drive. If you feel the car pulling in one direction, that can mean your alignment is off, which could indicate a bent frame. If your alignment is off, your car may not drive straight, which can also lead to uneven tire wear.

Check for Clipping

Clipping is when used parts from one vehicle get welded onto another vehicle. Clipping is dangerous because it can cause weakness in your car’s structure, which can be fatal if you are involved in an accident.


When replacing suspension parts, they need to be torqued according to the manufacturer specifications. If the technician has not followed these specifications, it may result in poor handling and performance of your car. Be sure to ask the repair centre about the procedure they used and then use that information to compare it to the torque specifications provided for your car.

Trust Your Auto Body Repairs to Caversham Coachworks

If you encounter any issues during your inspection, do not hesitate to bring them up to the technician. And if you do not get answers that satisfy you, ask to speak to the shop owner and refuse to sign off on the work until you are satisfied with the repairs.

It’s also possible that some problems aren’t noticeable until after leaving the shop. Remember, if you have taken your car to a reputable shop, most offer warranties on their work. Don’t hesitate to contact them to fix any issues that come up.

If you are in the Berkshire and Central Oxfordshire area, avoid those worries and head to Caversham Coachworks. We are the leading independent vehicle repair centre in the area, and we are proud to be the only Volkswagen Group Approved Paint & Body Centre in the Reading area.

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