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Non-Fault: What to Do if Someone Hit Your Parked Car

Parking your car and returning to find it has been hit can be a frustrating and stressful experience. It can be difficult to know what to do next, especially if the person who hit your car has driven off without leaving their details.

This article will discuss the steps you should take if someone hits your parked car, from documenting the damage to contacting your insurance company. By following these steps, you can ensure that you have the best chance of getting the damage to your car repaired and holding the responsible party accountable for their actions.

Assess the Damage and Take Photos

One of the first steps to take when you find your parked car has been hit is to assess the damage. Check your car thoroughly to determine the extent of any damage. Look for scratches, dents, broken lights, and other visible damage.

Take any photos of the damage from multiple angles using your phone or a camera, and make sure to capture the license plate of any nearby cars that could have caused the accident. This information can be crucial to identify the responsible party and proving your case to the insurance company.

Look for Witnesses

If anyone saw the accident happen, ask for their contact information. Witness statements can be valuable if you need to make a claim with your insurance company or if you need to take legal action against the person who hit you.

Contact the Other Motorist

If the other motorist left a contact number, call them to exchange insurance details. If the motorist is still around after the accident and you can talk to them immediately, take pictures of the damages to their car as well.

If there is no note with contact information left for you, you may still be able to find the responsible party. If you are in a public space that might have CCTV cameras around, they may have captured the incident. Regardless of whether or not you can find the individual responsible, you should call the police.

Report the Incident to Police

Reporting this incident to the police is essential, even if the damages appear to be minor. The police will create an accident report that documents the details of the incident, which will help with your insurance claim.

Hit and runs are against the law, so it’s necessary for you to report the crime. The police can help you contact the other motorist to get the compensation you need to repair any damages.

Contact Your Insurer

After you’ve reported the incident to the police, you should contact your insurance company. You’ll want to give them full details of the accident, including the police report filed and photos of the damages. If you are unable to locate the other driver, you may need to file a non-fault claim to repair the damage to your vehicle.

Your insurance will then guide you through the claims process so you can get the damages fixed as soon as possible. Even if you decide to let the at-fault driver pay for the damages caused, you still will want to update your insurer for any damages caused to your vehicle, as it may invalidate your policy.

Get Any Damages Repaired

Even if you don’t feel like the damages are worth getting repaired, you should get the damage repaired as soon as possible. Ignoring any of the damages caused can lead to more significant issues in the future.

For instance, a small dent can lead to rust if not repaired, or a broken light can cause you to be a safety hazard on the road. Even more of a reason to have damages repaired is if you plan on selling your car in the future, as any of those damages can significantly decrease your car’s value

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