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Holiday Driving Safety Tips Every Motorist Needs to Know

There’s no doubt during the holidays, we see an influx of drivers on the road in the UK, with families and friends travelling far and wide to see their loved ones for Christmas. Many people start travelling the last working day before the holiday to get home and on the road to wherever their next destination may be.

There are others that make shorter trips throughout the season rather than travelling very far. Still, regardless of how far you’re travelling, if you are travelling on the roads during the holidays, you are bound to hit different driving conditions, traffic, and other mishaps along the way. We’ve compiled a few tips that every motorist should know this holiday season to keep you safe and for a less-stressed journey.

Plan Ahead

Planning your trip ahead of time is the best way to be prepared for any potential delays and knowing what roads to avoid, especially when making a long journey to loved ones. Nobody wants to be stuck in traffic jams, especially during cold winter evenings or with children in the car.

Sticking to routes that you are familiar with is the best way to avoid any dangers when driving, but if you are venturing to a new place, you should look at your route and major roads you’ll need to take to be aware of lane changes, roundabout exits, or country roads.

You can never be too prepared, so consider taking extra pairs of warm clothes, snacks, and water in case of any emergencies that may put you in the cold for an extended time. Having time for stops during your long journey is vital and never push through feeling tired when behind the wheel.

Stay Safe While Driving in Poor Weather Conditions

As the temperatures start to drop, road conditions get worse, and all drivers are responsible for driving as the conditions require. Black ice, sleet, snow, puddles, and slippery roads can cause a lot of trouble, and it’s best to take things slowly.

Avoid accelerating too quickly, pump your breaks rather than harshly pressing at the last minute, and mind your speed around corners. You should always take extra caution when driving on country roads, as they are typically less maintained during the winter than busy motorways. If the weather becomes too hazardous to drive through, it’s best not to drive and wait it out for safer conditions.

Don’t Drink and Drive

Driving under the influence is already a serious problem at any other time of the year, but it is magnified during the holiday season, considering everyone has much busier social lives when celebrating the holidays with family, friends, and work colleagues. Later in the night can pose dangerous driving risks, but so can the morning after.

Drinking in the evening and getting some sleep does not mean all the alcohol has left your system by the time you need to drive in the morning. If you find yourself unable to drive the next morning, take some time to sober up, have a friend or relative take you home, arrange a cab or rideshare service, or use public transport instead.

Make Sure Your Vehicle Is Safe to Drive

Before embarking on any longer trips to visit loved ones, make sure your vehicle is safe to drive. Get your car serviced ahead of time, make sure your tyres are inflated correctly, and that all fluids are topped off.

Get gas prior to leaving on your journey and even consider bringing extra gas with you for the trip can offer peace of mind for longer stints of driving. Preparing your car for snow will make for a much safer trip with less chance of breakdowns or accidents in dangerous conditions. 

Keep Gifts Out of Sight

Driving is not the only thing you need to worry about when travelling during the holiday season. If you are travelling with gifts, it’s best to keep them out of plain sight or not leave them in the car at all. You never know who might try to take the opportunity to steal presents out of your car when you’re not looking. Once you’ve arrived at your destination, unpack the gifts immediately rather than leaving them inside your vehicle.

Car Body Repair for Any Holiday Mishap

Hopefully, your holidays are wonderful, and you reach your destinations safely with little to no hassle. In the event you do have any accidents or break-ins, we’re here to help.

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