Debunked: The Biggest Myths About Paintless Dent Repair

The internet is a vast place full of information and just as much misinformation. Sometimes it’s hard to know what to believe and what not to trust. This is true, even in the world of dent repair. When it comes to paintless dent repair, there are a few misconceptions and outright myths that need to be debunked to make sure that people are getting the best dent repair experience they can.

Paintless dent removal is one of the most cost-effective dent repair methods out there, but many people are not aware of this and other equally important facts concerning this convenient and effective technique. This article will go over the most prevalent myths about paintless dent repair, setting the record straight and giving you the facts so you can make an informed decision when it’s time to get those dents fixed.

What is Paintless Dent Repair?

Paintless dent repair, also called PDR, is a budget- and environmentally-friendly solution to most dent repairs. As long as the paint on your car isn’t cracked or chipped, PDR is your one stop solution for restoring your body panels to like-new condition. 

PDR can save you time and money as well as increase the resale value of your car by fixing unwanted and unsightly dents for a fraction of the cost of a traditional body shop. 

PDR shops use specialised tools and techniques specifically designed for dent removal. Likewise, PDR technicians are expertly trained and can often repair most dents within a matter of hours.  

4 of the Biggest Myths about Paintless Dent Removal

1. DIY Dent Repair is Just as Effective

The internet has many ideas of how you should fix your car, and some of them are not good ideas. DIY dent repair may seem just as effective as professional PDR, but the techniques people share online often only serve to make dents worse off than when you started. Some of these myths are particularly problematic:

  • Plunging away dents. This can actually make the dents worse by the suction of the plunger creating uneven distribution of pressure or bowing the metal outward, making proper repair nearly impossible after the fact. 
  • Cooling dents with dry-ice. Dry-ice can actually leave a mark on your car’s finish as well as injure  you if you are not careful. This method is not advised, as it is hard to gauge and almost impossible to control.
  • Warm the metal to pliancy with a hair dryer. Hair dryers simply cannot get hot enough to pull out dents.. 

Watch out for home DIY kits as well. They are often generic and not well designed enough to safely repair dents reliably. If you are not careful or well-versed in these kits, you can make matters much worse, which will cost you further down the road. Leaving your car’s dent repair to professionals will keep your car and pocketbook happy.

2. PDR is Expensive

Getting any sort of repair done will cost you money, but with PDR, you are actually saving money over taking your car to a dealer or body shop. Traditional dent repair shops will likely charge extra due to the added labour, materials, and time it will take them to complete repairs the old-fashioned way. 

Also, most insurance companies cover, or partially cover paintless dent removal. Make sure to contact your insurance provider before you pay for any dent repairs out-of-pocket to see if you can get some of the charges covered. Of course, for the smaller dents and dings, it may just be wiser to pay up front than deal with a larger deductible. 

Always speak with the shop openly about any payment issues you may be having. Some shops may even offer discounts for multiple dents or other services, so it never hurts to ask.

3. PDR Takes Weeks to Finish a Job

If you’ve ever dealt with a body shop, then you may have certain misconceptions about how long it takes some mechanics and technicians to finish a job, especially if your car is your only mode of transportation.  With PDR, your dents will typically be repaired within a few hours or days, depending on how extensive the damage is and how many dents are present. 

4. PDR is Not Good for the Environment

This has no basis in reality. PDR is actually one of the most environmentally friendly car repair methods you can use. Since PDR uses techniques that repairs dents and dings without the use of any paint, filler, and additional plastics or metal, it doesn’t cause the emissions, fumes, and waste that traditional dent repair does. 

Leave Your Dents to the Experts at Caversham Coachworks 

The best and most reliable solution for dent repair is to take your car to a professional. The technicians at Caversham Coachworks have the skills and tools to get your vehicle looking new again, whether you’re dealing with a minor or a serious dent. We offer exceptional service and use the most modern, safe techniques to repair your vehicle.

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