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Car Repairs You Shouldn’t Try to DIY

Car repairs can be inconvenient and costly, so it’s understandable when you run into car problems and want to fix them yourself. However, as technology has advanced and cars have become more complex, attempting DIY car repairs can end up causing even more damage.

On top of making the problem worse, it can also end up costing more than it would have should you have taken it to a professional for repairs in the first place. There are certain repairs that should always be done by a specialist.

A specialist will complete your repair with a higher standard keeping you, your passengers, and others on the road safe. While there are a few easy fixes and maintenance that you can do at home, we want to go over some of the car repairs that you should leave to motor repair specialists


A radiator is an essential part of your car so working on it yourself is typically a bad idea. Even if you’ve watched detailed videos online that make the project look easy, without professional experience, you can find yourself making things much worse. If any hoses connected to your radiator become loose, or if you do not reconnect the radiator unit properly, you can blow your engine, causing an entire engine replacement or having to buy a whole new car.

Bodywork and Paint

There are many reasons why you should turn to professionals regarding bodywork and paint jobs for your car. Attempting these projects alone could result in paint bubbling, gouges in the panels, and incorrectly applied paint. You can avoid these things and save money in the long run by letting a professional handle this for this messy, expensive, and time-consuming project.

Brake Repairs

You can run into dangerous potential issues even when doing something simple like replacing your brake pads or rotors. Braking systems have become more complex, making a DIY fix a bit more challenging.

Special training is needed for more modern cars when replacing brake pads and rotors. If your brakes are installed incorrectly, not adjusted properly, or do not fit properly, you can potentially harm yourself and your passengers. Get peace of mind and leave it to a vehicle repair specialist.


The components of your transmission system are very costly, so it is in your best interest not to mess with any transmission issues yourself. Transmissions are one of the most complicated parts of your vehicle. Because of this, we highly encourage you to see a professional rather than trying to face these issues by yourself.

ECU or Engine Diagnostics

Considering we have come so far with technology, it makes sense that many electrical components in modern vehicles are much more complex and require a professional to handle any electrical fixes. You may want to immediately pop the hood when you see the check engine light, but you can cause a lot of damage by trying to take matters into your own hands.

Without proper diagnostic equipment, you will have difficulty figuring out what is happening with your car. For example, a check engine light could be as simple as not having your gas cap secured correctly, or it could mean your car is overheating and is at risk of irrevocable damage. With such an extensive range of reasons for a problem, it makes it a lot easier for a specialist with diagnostic equipment to help you with your exact issue quicker and without damaging your car any further.


Windshield repairs are a serious issue and safety hazard. If you fail to take action quickly or attempt to fix a chip or crack yourself, you may end up paying more by turning that chip or crack into an even larger crack and having to repair the entire windshield.

A poorly fitted windshield means you might have to spend money in the long run and replace it again within a year. Having a specialist help you safely and efficiently replace your windshield makes it safer and worth it in the long run.


Special tools are needed to replace an airbag, which usually includes removing the entire dashboard. A guide online or a video might help you change the airbag, but you have no way to test and see if it is working properly. Considering this is a part of your car that can potentially save your life in the case of an accident, it is undoubtedly a part that needs to be seen and tested by a trained mechanic.

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With the costs and hassle of car repair, it can be tempting to want to just fix it yourself. But as we’ve seen above, some repairs are best left to the specialists to avoid more costly damage.

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