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Different Types of Auto Body Repair Explained

An automobile is a pricey investment so you’ll always want to make sure that it is in the best condition. Whether it’s to fix a small dent or repair significant damage caused by a collision, at some point in time, you will likely have to have repairs made to your automobile.

Some damage may leave your vehicle inoperable, while other damage may not affect its drivability at the time. However, by not taking steps to repair it, the damage may get worse, causing problems in the future. To avoid this, it’s important to have your car repaired as soon as there is an issue.

Knowing what types of auto body repairs are out there will help alleviate the worry you may have when your car is damaged. We will discuss seven of the most common types of auto body repair.

#1. Paintless Dent Repair

Technicians use paintless dent repair on minor dents and dings that have not damaged the paint. Carefully using tools that won’t damage the paint, they pop the dent out of your vehicle smoothly and safely. The finished area is left looking like new without having to repaint your vehicle.

#2. Body Filling

If the dent is significant, the technician may decide to repair it using a body filler. During the process, the vehicle technician applies a body filler to the dented surface of the car. The body filler fills in the dent, and then the filled area is painted, leaving no trace of the dent.  

#3. Paint Repair

Repairing scratched paint is a common type of auto body repair. Your car’s paint is not only for cosmetic purposes. It also protects the body from the weather.

While a simple scratch may not seem like a big deal, repairing scratches promptly can protect your car’s body from further damage. Ignoring even the slightest scratch can lead to paint damage, cracking, and rusting.

#4. Collision Repair

The Department of Transport reported over 91,000 vehicle collisions in Great Britain in 2020. While no one wants to be part of that statistic, it’s essential to make sure your vehicle is safe to drive after the collision.

After a collision, some damage may be apparent. But it’s also possible to have damage that you cannot see. Taking your car to an auto body shop for inspection after a collision can rule out any damage to the frame and other parts that you cannot see by simply looking at the vehicle. 

#5. Body Panel Replacement

One of the more labour-intensive auto body repairs is replacing the body panels. Typically, it’s cheaper and easier to replace a damaged body panel than repair it.

Replacing the body panels can take extra time due to the steps involved in the process. First, a replacement needs to be found on a salvaged vehicle. Then the damaged panel needs to be removed, and the technician will inspect the supports behind the panel for further damage. After the supports pass inspection, the new panel can be installed and will then be painted to match the vehicle.

#6. Window Repair or Replacement

One of the most common repairs that vehicle owners may face is damage to your windows. Heat, hailstorms, road debris, or a collision may cause damage to your windows. Before you drive, you should always make sure that your windows are in good condition.

A damaged windscreen can interfere with your visibility while driving and even cause your airbag to malfunction. If there is minor damage like small cracks or chips, the technician may just repair your window. However, for more significant damage, your window should be replaced. 

#7. Frame Alignment and Repair

You may have heard of a wheel alignment, but have you ever heard of a frame alignment? Frame alignments are typically performed after a vehicle has been involved in a collision. During a frame alignment, the technician checks different angles of the vehicle to ensure that the frame, chassis parts, and unibody are aligned correctly. This will ensure that the vehicle stops, steers, and performs correctly following a collision. 

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Although auto body repairs are an everyday occurrence, the time it takes to complete the repairs depends on the extent of the damage. But it’s always essential to make sure that you have a reliable body shop that you can turn to for repairs.

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