8 Common Repairs After a Car Accident

Car accidents are very common, and the truth is that most accidents occur due to human error — nobody’s perfect. When you are involved in a car accident, after making sure everyone is ok, your next thought will most likely be to check the damage to your car.

The kind of crash you were involved in and the damage to your vehicle will decide your next steps. No matter what the case, it’s essential to get the necessary repairs done to your vehicle so that you can safely drive it. 

Certain parts of your car will absorb the most impact during a crash. Here are the eight most common vehicle repairs made after being involved in a car accident.

#1. Paint Job

It doesn’t matter if your accident involves another vehicle or a wall, the paint on your car is most likely going to get scraped, chipped, or scratched. Often, if it is a simple scratch, it can be buffed out through waxing and polishing. And while it may be an easy fix if the damage is minor, if the accident entirely removed the paint, or if there is a large chip, additional work may be needed before the paint gets repaired.

#2. Dent Removal

If you are lucky, you can avoid dent repair. However, most of the time, car accidents require some sort of dent removal. The type of dent repair needed depends on the size and the location of the dent.

If there is no damage to the paint, you can save a ton of money and time by finding a skilled paintless dent repair shop that can pop out your dents with no sanding, filling, or painting needed. However, if the dent is significant or in an unusual spot, it will take more time, money, and labour to remove the dents via traditional paint repair methods.

#3. Frame Straightening

Think of the frame of your car as its foundation. It gives your car support and provides the underlying shape of your car. When your car is in a major accident, the frame can be bent.

When the frame of your car gets bent, it requires significant repairs. Frame damage is not something that you can look past and keep driving like you could if you have scratched paint or a dent in your door.

Your car’s frame is a crucial part of your vehicle, and it must be in perfect condition. Frame repair is something that should only be performed by a professional.

#4. Glass Replacement

If the accident’s impact is significant enough, your windows may shatter. Broken glass is one of the most common damages and one of the easiest fixes. 

The technician will remove the broken glass and put in a replacement piece. It’s important to replace a broken windscreen or window as quickly as possible as it could be dangerous to drive, especially if you drive on the highway.

#5. Replacement of Body Panels

If the repair facility cannot repair a dent, the other option is to replace the body panel. Body panel replacement involved replacing entire car pieces such as a door, hood, or trunk.

The design of most modern cars allows them to crumple upon impact to protect the vehicle’s passengers. If this happens, it may not be possible to repair the body panel. Your technician can tell you if your panel can be repaired or if you should replace a damaged panel.

#6. Broken Headlights

Most of the time, when you hit something, the corners of your car are affected. That means it’s common to have to repair a headlight after a car accident. Sometimes, your will just need to replace a bulb, but it is also possible that the entire headlight will need replacing after an accident.

#7. Bumper Repairs

Your car’s bumpers are one of its defences. When your bumpers are damaged, they provide less protection to your vehicle. And if you keep driving with a bumper that is loose or bent, the vibrations will cause the damage to get worse. So it’s essential to have your mechanic look at your bumper immediately if it has sustained damage.

Bumper repair is similar to dent repairs. Your technician can make repairs if the damage is minor, or they may recommend replacing a bumper that is too damaged.

#8. Fender Damage

Your car’s fender is the wheel well’s frame, and it can be damaged if you get hit from the side. Fender repairs fall under the same guidelines as dent and bumper repairs. Minor damage may be able to be fixed, but significant damage may require the replacement of the entire fender. 

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