Whether your vehicle needs an air-con re-gas, has minor damage that needs fixing or requires full accident repair involving an insurance claim, we are here to support you through the process and help you get your car back on the road with the minimum of fuss.


We offer a Replacement Vehicle and Wash and Vac with all repair jobs and if your vehicle is booked in for a same day fast repair, we can also drop you at the station and pick you up in time to collect your car. Let us take the strain, while you take the train!


At Caversham Coachworks, we offer an extensive and highly competitive range of vehicle services to our customers, from minor cosmetic repairs to hi-tech solutions to improve the safety and handling of your vehicle. No job is too large or too small; we are fully equipped to cater for small vehicle repairs through to large vehicle panel replacement and paint.


We understand only too well how unnerving it is to be involved in a car accident. We also appreciate that dealing with the consequences and getting your car repaired properly can be an even bigger headache that you could well do without.


At Caversham Coachworks, your safety and welfare are our utmost priority. We strive to make the repair process as smooth and trouble free as possible and to get you back on the road quickly and safely.



Keep Calm and call Caversham Coachworks



What to do following an accident...

  • Check that you, your passengers and those in other accident vehicles are not injured.
    If there are injuries call an Ambulance.
  • Turn off the ignitions of all vehicles as a fire precaution. If there is a fire, call the Fire Brigade and Police.
  • Call the Police if there are any injuries, or there is major damage and the vehicles are undriveable.
  • If vehicles are driveable, park in a safe location to exchange details. If not, activate hazard lights (if workable) and wait in a safe place until Police arrive.
  • Complete Accident Details Report, Other Driver's Details and Insurance Request Form and provide a copy to your insurer.


Vehicle safety is our priority which is why we have invested in only the very best equipment to assess, repair and refinish your vehicle.


Our modern premises in Caversham boasts state-of-the art diagnostic and vehicle alignment equipment to accurately assess your vehicle and then restore its pre-accident structural integrity to manufacturers’ tolerances. All vehicle refinishing is carried out using top-branded, water-based paints in a controlled spray environment and then baked in one of our hi-tech ovens.

Replacement Vehicles



We are one of the few approved vehicle repairers
to offer a replacement vehicle with every repair
should you require it.


At Caversham Coachworks, we put your needs first.
Following an accident we know how inconvenient it is
to be without transport. If your insurance company makes
no provision for a replacement vehicle, we are always able
to offer you this option for very little cost, if a vehicle is available.


Currently, we hold an impressive fleet of 32 replacement vehicles which includes
5 automatics. All our vehicles are less than two years old, eco-friendly and have the lowest CO2 emissions in line with our ‘Be Green’ policy. They are regularly checked
by our technicians so you can rest assured that your replacement vehicle will keep you
safely on the road while yours is having a little TLC.


Same day pick up and drop off service


For same day fast repairs, we offer an additional service where we can drop you at the train station and pick you up in time to collect your car. Let us take the strain, while you take the train!